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5 Backyard Fun Activities for You and the Kids

Summer is on the horizon, which means the kids will be out of school and looking to spend some quality time with dad, whether they know it or not. Think about it, your kids have spent the last year in the classroom and are probably in need of some Vitamin D and exercise this summer, so it’s time to ditch the electronics and head outside for some fun under the sun this summer.

Here are 5 backyard fun activities that you and your kids will be sure to enjoy this summer.

Water Fun

Backyard Fun You don’t need a pool to stay cool in the backyard anymore, thanks to the booming industry of outdoor water products that have hit the market in recent years. But, with so many products out there, it can be difficult not only to know which products are worth the price tag but also which ones are a fit for you and your kids.

If you have a five-year-old like I do, then you can’t go wrong with the Kleeger Fire Hydrant Sprinkler Toy for Kids. It’s under $15 and it’s easy to hook up for a quick splash any time of the day or night. Even better, is the Discovery Kids Inflatable Sprinkler Ball, which has a 4-star rating on Amazon for many reasons, including high water pressure, affordable price and overall fun factor.

Finally, my personal favorite water toy for this summer is the Banzai Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Park. It’s 14 feet of slippery sliding heaven and features a pool at the base for soaking in the sun. If you’ve got room in your backyard for this behemoth, do your kids a solid and inflate this baby on your lawn before they get home from their last day of school.

Star Gaze

Who says you have to leave town to go camping. One of our favorite pastimes is pitching a tent in the Coleman 4-Person Tentbackyard and staying up late to watch the stars. Coleman is one of my favorite brands for the decent quality and affordability. This four-person tent is perfectly sized for a family of four and it comes fully equipped with a sun roof – or in this case, a moon roof.

Don’t forget the essentials, either. I am talking about Mountain House dinners, with selections like Macaroni and Cheese, Chili Mac, Breakfast Skillets and more. Nothing says camping like eating out of a bag. Don’t forget the lighting, sleeping double sleeping bag for mom and dad and a couple for the kids.

Now all you need is a clear night and a decent telescope, like the Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ. It’s the perfect starter telescope to get the kids interested in science.

Jump Around

TrampolineThere isn’t a person on this planet who didn’t grow up knowing someone with a giant trampoline. Yes, they can be dangerous but today’s trampoline makers have thought of everything. Whether you get this cool Jumpsport fully enclosed¬†Trampoline or the all favorite Merax 14-footer with safety closure, you can rest easy because both are made with safety in mind. And, each is battle-tested to last.


Surf and Turf

We all grew up with a rope swing of some type. Yes, and Surfer Swingmany of us probably still have some aches and pains from the many falls we endure whiled taking flight over the lawn. But, if you want to be the coolest dad in the world, then you should consider bringing home The amazing Swurfer Original Tree Swing with Skateboard design. The set up is quick but the fun will go on for hours. Not your speed? Perhaps the kids are too small for that one? Then, take a look at this: the Flying Squirl Giant Rope Swing. It’s perfect for the little ones. And, it might even double as a comfy nap spot for dad after a tiring day with the kids.


In my family, competition is everything. Whether we’re racing to see who finishes dinner first or playing hide-and-seek, every day activities in our house are always Cornholefun and games. But these fun and games I am about to show you, take fun to another level. One of my personal favorites is the Cornhole – No, it’s not just reserved for bars and tailgating. You can have fun with this game pretty much anywhere, including your backyard. Next up, horseshoes. America’s classic game. But this set is perfect for you and the kids because it’s all rubber, which eliminates the risk of bumps and bruises from a wild pitch.

Just like Cornhole, this last item is popular at tailgates but it’s also one of my favorite backyard fun activities. Really, you can play Go Sport Indoor/Outdoor Ladder Toss Game anywhere. And, it comes with a carrying case and score tracker, which is essential for my family of competitors.

Summer Fun

I hope you enjoyed the backyard fun activities I shared with you today. Remember, being a dad is a lot of work, so you might as well have fun while you’re doing it. Whether you choose any of the products I mentioned above or not, get outside this summer and take advantage of your kids’ time off.




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